How to Get Started with Social Media Prospecting

Today you will learn how to get started with social media prospecting to build your team and customer base.

If you have ever wanted to use the Internet to grow your network marketing business, this will help!

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How to Get Started with Social Media Prospecting Using the Internet

Everybody wants people to reach out to them about their network marketing business instead of going out doing the selling themselves. I’m going to share with you some tactics on how you can do that through social media in the video below.

Facebook Status Updates

Looking at people’s Facebook status updates even helps you if you want to approach or speak to them about your business. Pick people making intelligent comments and look for specific characteristics. Pick people who make intelligent comments, and avoid the negative people. I’ll show you how this works in the video below.

Go Through Pages and Groups

Think of the people, places, and things that have to do with your niche. If you’re selling travel, energy, a network marketing opportunity, think of the places they will hang out. Go to those groups or fan pages and start connecting. And when you send people an initial message, use their real name to make it as personal as possible.

Look at Their Profile, Make the Connection

This could be same industry, town, high school, networking group, any type of connection that you can find when you look at their profile. Then tell them why you’re messaging them. It’s the same thing like you met somebody out in public. You would ask them “what do you do?” It’s the same concept on social media.

Bring Up Your Business Casually

Yes, you will pitch your business and tell them what you do at a certain time. But bring it up casually. Don’t come off as too salesy. Just let people know that this is what your doing, and see if they’re interested in your product or service.

Social Media Prospecting

Interested on how to properly use social media  prospecting to get prospects for your network marketing business? It’s not just about messaging anyone and everyone. There is a right way to do it, and there is a real process to follow. All this and more on this video about social media prospecting.

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