How To Increase Instagram Followers in Network Marketing Business

Today is a fun post, you will learn to increase Instagram followers and tricks to help your network marketing business.

If you are a total beginner, these Instagram tips for business will help you attract more people to you AND generate more leads.

How To Get More Instagram Followers

increase-instagram-followersI did have an Instagram training this past weekend where a gentleman asked me this question. He asked me one of these questions. “How do I gain Instagram followers? I’m trying to increase followers. How exactly do I do that?” I’m going to share with you, what I told him and I’m going to share with you exactly how you can do the exact same.

Tip number one, you know your target audience. This is where a lot of businesses, especially in the network marketing game, miss the boat on this, because they don’t know who their target audience is. Once you craft out who your target audience is, it’s simple to get followers. Know who your target audience is. Know who it is that you’re trying to speak with and who you’re trying to market to. Once you define that target audience, then getting the followers is a lot simple.

Tip number two is search targeted hashtags. If you search targeted hashtags, me being in network marketing, I could give you some examples. I would search maybe #networkmarketing, #mlm, #directsales, something of that realm. Search those hashtags and once I search those hashtags, I will find people who I would want that are in my industry, in my niche, and I would start connecting with them. I would find people who I want to connect with. So the search targeted hashtags is really key on how you can actually get real Instagram followers as well.

Tip number three is, once you start finding those people and connecting with people, show engagement. Like posts. Like three to five posts per day, and leave a comment. If it’s something that resonates with you, leave a comment, like, “Hey, I really dig your pictures. Hey, that quote really resonated with me. Hey, I really dug that blog post or that video.” Leave a comment there, and then follow them. If you’re initiating engagement, following them, and initiating engagement on their page. You have liked them, comment on them and then you follow them, that is how to get followers on Instagram fast. Most people are going to reciprocate that back, so make sure you take the extra step and do that

Tip number four is, find similar business interests, so I’ll give you an example here, and me in network marketing, so I gave you #networkmarketing, #mlm, direct selling, you could also find a similar business like home-based business, or I could go to a network marketing pro, somebody, maybe Eric Worre or somebody in that industry, somebody similar. Or I could do people who work on commission, people maybe in real estate or people in insurance, people who work on commission, but find a similar interest in your niche, in your business and you can search those businesses as well. Start connecting with people. You can increase Instagram followers that way as well.

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