How To Make More Money

How To Make More Money

Too often people focus on the wrong thing when they truly desire to learn how to make more money. This blog post and video will help you to focus on the RIGHT things.

Wanna Make More Money?

How To Make More MoneyThis is a formula that WHEN you implement this in your business, it’s very hard for you not to make more money. Before I share with you the formula. Check out this FREE video. If you are in network marketing, what happens a lot of time is that you are attending a lot of events, whether it’s your company event, an industry event. You are on a lot of webinars, buying personal development books and reading a lot of personal development books. Taking notes. There is so many things that you are doing, you are investing your time to learn this stuff or your money to get courses so you can better educate yourself on what you are learning.

The problem is that when you spend all this time or money to learn this stuff, you forget the third part of the formula. 

The Truth About How To Make More Money

The first one is invest, the second one is learn. So you invest and learn but if you wanna make more money in your business, you have to turn around and teach. You got the ILT method, what I’ve learned from Ray Higdon. It’s invest, learn, and teach. You have to turn around and teach it. Teaching, when you turn around you start becoming a teacher, rather what you’re learned, you are becoming an instant authority. People are gonna be coming to look for you for information.

A lot of people want to go in teach mode and they haven’t learned anything yet, or nervous about teach mode and it’s because they haven’t learned anything yet. But if you are already investing your time and your money in events, webinars, courses, turn around and teach it. If you wanna increase your income, you have to turn around and teach. You have to teach what you are learning to your audience, rather it’s you just do a video or article, a Facebook status.

When you’re investing in your education, rather it’s a company event, a webinar, when you’re investing your education, you gotta know that you are building a platform of value. Rather it’s a spiral full of notes, you have to know that that spiral full of notes are uncashed checks. Those uncashed checks are how to make more money. The best way that I have learned to leverage that is through blogging. Blogging has been the best platform for me, and its because blogging is a way that you get your information out there. You take those notes, you put it in a blog, and working for you forever.

Video on Tips on How To Make More Money

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