How To Motivate Your MLM Team Without Being Pushy

Want to grow your MLM team but don’t want to aggressively pound them to do it?

This will share strategies for motivating your MLM team without you having to become some pushy maniac.

Grow that MLM Team…without Being Annoying!

mlm-teamFirst of all, you should be the perfect teammate. What do I mean by that? There are times where people who I’ve recruited people or they’ve recruited one or two people and then start playing boss. They cross their arms, “Now, you go recruit two. It’s your turn to go recruit two.” That’s not being a perfect teammate. People are trying to leave the corporate America world so they don’t need bosses.

Once you’ve invested in a network marketing business you are your own boss. You become the boss. You’re looking for more guidance and leadership. You’re not looking for a boss so if you’re going to be the perfect teammate you’re not turning into a boss you’re turning to a leader. What do leaders do? They inspire people. They go out there and they do, create actions that they want their team to do.

I’ll give you a couple of examples: If you’re a hardcore prospector and you want to recruit more people but you’re not prospecting. I’ll ask them how many times have they shown the presentation to somebody and they answer, “None.” I can predict the future then, that means this week you’re going to get none. You’re not going to recruit anybody if you don’t show anybody your presentation.” If you’re prospecting all the time, every single time, you will recruit more people because at the end of the day it is a numbers game. You will recruit more people but you’d have to go through the numbers to be able to recruit more people.

If you’re going to be the perfect teammate, telling people to prospect and you are NOT prospecting. It’s hard to give that message to your team if you’re not doing it. If you are mlm prospecting, if you want more people to be productive on your mlm team, go out there and prospect more. Show your action that you are out there doing it and then comeback with the results to your team. “Hey, this is how many people I’ve recruited or this is how many people I’ve prospected this week. I got these many no’s and I got this many conversions.” They will be inspired by your actions and they will start moving forward.

Also, you really have to think about what they want. If somebody on your team is a customer and they love being the customer. Don’t try to convert them to be a business builder. You question them how that product has helped them, take their testimonial but don’t try to convert them to a business builder if they don’t want to build a business. They will share their testimonial with other people and will continue to you more customers because of their results. If you try to convert them to a business builder and they don’t want to build a business, you are pushing them rather than pulling them.

I like Michael Beckwith quote, “Pain pushes till your vision pulls you.” You don’t want to be pushing people into something that they don’t want to do. Find out what they really want to do and how you do that is you just ask questions. Why did you get involved in network marketing? What is it that you want out of this profession? How will a couple of hundred, a couple of thousand a month, how that affects you and your family? If you ask them questions and connect those questions to what they really want then you can also get more production. You will start pulling them to you and they will be more productive in your business.

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