MLM Prospecting Tips: How To Prospect People You Don’t Know On Social Media

Struggling with what to say and how to reach out to strangers on social media?

Here I share some mlm prospecting tips on exactly how to reach out to people you don’t know and get less resistance and more signups.

How To Prospect People You Don’t Know On Social Media

A lot of people have trouble valuing themselves in the industry, and just in general. It’s a good place to start reaching out to people to show your value by saying “Thank you so much for this. It’s an important reminder.” If you also encounter these types of people, they are the people you can connect with.

When you are ready to present your network marketing business to these mlm prospects, it’s important to start the conversation right. Here are some mlm prospecting tips on pitching your business.

Start the conversation well

Here’s the initial message to start a conversation. You send a personal message with their name. I would definitely use their name because it’s an extra step that they will appreciate. They will think that when someone’s reaching out to them, at least they took the effort to know who they are. I want to make it as personal as possible. I’ll tell you more about why this works in the video below.

Don’t send them links yet

Make the initial introduction personal, but do not, under any circumstances, send them any links, no matter what they are. There are a lot of people who do that: put their links in at the beginning, hoping that someone will click it and watch their video or sign up without making any type of connection. It’s not going to work. Wait until they give you the go-ahead before sending the links.

When to actually pitch your business

General rule, don’t pitch your business before the first three messages back and forth, unless you’re asked. My rule is like five to ten messages before I tell them about my business. But when I do pitch my business, I’m not scared to tell people what I’m doing. There will be an opening where I can address my business. 

Watch my video below to know more about when is the right time to send links and pitch.

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