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Increase Engagement on Social Media

Are you hearing crickets when you post something on Facebook?

If you want more engagement and prospects, this will help.

Increasing Engagement

increase engagementEngage with your audience. When potential prospects are commenting on your post, reach out to them. Show them that you’re a real person. Before I was marketing on the internet, 2005/2006, you could hide behind a website. People are smarter now.

They can read through the BS, if that makes sense. If someone is Liking, Sharing, Commenting on your social media platform, start building that relationship. Connect with them, “Oh, thank you, I appreciate you commenting… What do you find value in that?” Start building that relationship because you become a “real” person. Most people are not doing this. All they want are Likes, comments, and want to sit back and wait until the money rolls in. People are going to do business with who they know like and trust.

But they’re not going to be able to trust you if, when they start Liking, commenting on your post and there is no engagement. There’s a post I did about the law of attraction. And start running some ads to it. And received all these comments. I went and replied to all the comments.

When I started engaging with them then they know I’m a real person now. They know that I appreciate them taking the time out to Like and commenting. But you got to start engaging with your audience. Another example, there was a person who reached out to me and said they were struggling. And I engaged with them with a blog post I wrote.

I sent them a blog post on Facebook and it did is a couple things, it leveraged my time because I sent them a post where they struggled, and it showed me as an authority.

Did you find that helpful?

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