Increase Your MLM Prospecting By Using The Power Of Storytelling

In this blog I am going to discuss how you can use storytelling for your network marketing company and how most are NOT using it at all.

Do You Hate Selling?

A lot of people in our industry seem to hate it (except those who come from a sales background)…

Most are doomed for failure until they watch this FREE training on how to use storytelling in your marketing. Now you can know how to use it. In fact you can turn anything into a story that persuades people to buy, or join your opportunity. I recommend that before you do any sort of marketing that you watch this same training.

You’ll literally be able to add profit inducing storytelling into your next content or marketing piece easily. You’d wish you had saw this training a long time ago.

People Buy On Emotions

Most people when they buy, it’s on emotion. 85% of people are buying off of emotion. What triggers that emotion? It’s storytelling.

It doesn’t have to be your story specifically. It can be some story of someone you know when you’re prospecting. It’s making the connection or drawing that bridge/gap so you can help them cross it.

The Basic Concept of Marketing

The basic concept of marketing is solving people’s problems. A lot of people are just going out there with no selling experience, never picked up a sales book, and “forced” to go sell this product. That is why they are getting unfriended on Facebook, blocked, don’t wanna prospect,  and go back to their upline with them telling you go back there and talk to more people.

There’s no real formal training going around. But if you market to them, all you doing is bridging gaps. You do that with storytelling or with problem solving. For example, there’s a teacher who was tired. They have been working in the industry for 20 years, and they got tired of living paycheck to paycheck. But last month, they walked across the stage for the first time and  rank advancement.

This gives that person who is looking hope. That person who is iffy about starting or wanting to come on, this person was in the same situation, and then the person telling stories walk them over to the other side. You are not selling false hope. You’re sharing their story because everybody knows that facts tell stories sells.

You can be a great storyteller and be able to make that connection. For example, I share a great story in the video. Watch below and see how I made a connection at my event with an attendee.

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