Internet Marketing Tips For Beginners

Do you struggle with technology and want more leads? Here are some basic Internet Marketing tips to help you.

Watch this short video to learn the basics of how to get more leads using the Internet!

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internet-marketing-tipsIF you are just getting started on the internet with your network marketing business and are lost. I highly you suggest that you join us every Wednesday as we share the best internet marketing tips and strategies that will put you on the right track. You will learn how to build your network marketing business using the internet and learn to get more leads.

Basic Internet Marketing Tips

What most people do in network marketing is that they see the internet as they can spam their link out there and blast it to everyone on social media platform, blog, or website. The problem with that is that if people start viewing you as a spammer then they are not gonna connect or build any type of relationship with you. With that being said, understand that the internet and your online presence is to create relationships. When you are online it basically spreads your net wider where you can start building and creating relationships with people in your space or your industry. Take this approach instead of the hail mary pass. That is not how it works when you are building your business online. Focus on creating a relationship.

Focus on who you want to attract and what is in it for them. Who exactly do you want to attract to you in your business? Who do you want to reach out to you? If you’re a brick and mortar or you are in network marketing industry, what type of people do you want coming to you?

Here is an example, if you went to a network marketing event in your community, you wouldn’t go out to send business cards to everyone, sit back and wait for somebody to contact you, right?(I hope this isn’t your strategy). You would go out there, focus on building relationships with them, connect so you can start building a relationship in those communities. Same exact concept online. When online, who do you want to attract? What is in it for them? Create content and create value that’s actually going to attract them to you.

I don’t blast people with my sales page, what I do is I lead with value. It could be a video, blog, article, something on Facebook, but I lead with value with tips that actually going to attract people to me. You should do the exact same thing. Lead with value. Now a way you can do this is that if you are on a webinar or at an event, take those notes at the event and share your notes. Share it by creating a YouTube video. Talk about what you’ve learned. Share those notes on what you learned. If you don’t have any website or anything, suggest people to email you.

Internet Marketing Tips Video

Did you learn something? For some of you it was probably very basic and that is OK, there are a lot of people that supposedly understand internet marketing that need to be reminded of the basics and set a foundation!

Share this with anyone wanting to learn smarter internet marketing tips. If everyone understood what I shared in the above video, the online world would have less spam and more value. Comment below if YOU got value from this short video!

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