My Interview With Formerly Known Harlem Globetrotter Kevin Daley

Excited to share with you my interview with comer Harlem Globetrotter Kevin Daley, please enjoy and feel free to share!

Watch the short video and learn how we can thank Special K Daley for his time!

Shout out to KD!

kevin-daleyA few months ago Kevin invited me to his book signing. I hadn’t seen him in some months or even years. When he invited me out I jumped at the chance because he had been promoting his book. Knowing him for years I didn’t know he had became an author.

If you have yet to get his book, I highly suggest it, you can get your copy from Amazon here.

Who is Kevin Daley?

Born in Panama, Kevin is a well-known author and most famous for being a Harlem Globetrotter which he started in 2004. He wrote is first award winning best-selling book, I Never Stopped Smiling: The inspirational autobiography of Kevin Daley, formerly known as Harlem Globetrotter great “Special K”.

Another cool fact is about “Special K Daley,” his Harlem Globetrotter name, is that he played Michael Jordan in the famous commercial, when A 39 year old Michael Jordan takes on a 23 year old Jordan. The 23 year old Jordan is played by Kevin Daley. Daley’s face is replaced with a computer generated face made to look like a 23 year old Jordan. Michael Jordan said himself that of all the commercials he ever did this is his favorite. You can watch the commercial here.

I like his concepts in his book and wanted to ask him a few questions about his journey on being an author and speaker. You can learn more about him speaking on his website here. You can get to the interview below, please watch as he shares some serious value in the interview.

Kevin Special K Daley Interview

Wasn’t that great? Seriously so grateful that one of the most influential globetrotters took the time to respond to my questions. Please help us show Kevin Daley some gratitude by thanking him on Twitter, him twitter is @MrTrotter21 and again you can get his book here.

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