Two Impactful Jim Rohn Network Marketing Quotes

Today I share two Jim Rohn network marketing quotes that have impacted myself. He is a trainer(arguably one of the best ever) that we have all learned a ton from.

This short video blog are two Rohn quotes and what they’ve meant to myself.

Have You Studied Jim Rohn?

jim-rohn-network-marketingJim Rohn passed away a few years ago, but the majority of network marketers I speak with have learned something from him. It is really important for the new or current network marketers learn about who he is as them rest of us have. IF you are in network marketing and have never heard of Jim Rohn, do yourself a favor and get something from Jim on Amazon (you’ll definitely get benefit from it).

I have interpreted a couple of Jim Rohn network marketing quotes in the video below. He has so many that has impacted myself but here are two that resonated. I believe if you are struggling and need some uplifting, these two network marketing quotes are perfect for the you and will inspire you to get you to the top.

Quotes From The Great Jim Rohn

One of the quotes that I really enjoy is, “Don’t wish for things to be easier, wish for you to be better.” A lot of network marketers, looking for had that “ONE” marketing tactic. It is important but not what you need. Focus on you becoming better.

Becoming better is going through those challenges. Pushing through adversity. You’re not going to be able to grow without that challenge. If you’re not facing a challenge in your business then you’re not going to be able to grow. “Don’t wish for things to be easier, wish for you to be better.”

Another quote that he has is, “What you lack in skills you make up in numbers.” Network marketing, IS a numbers game. You have to go through the numbers so you can actually improve your skills, which is what we talked about in the first quote. Those numbers are leads. You need leads, you need people to talk to about your network marketing business. You need to go through those numbers, improve your skills, go through your numbers so you can improve those skills. If you’re not going through the numbers, how going to improve those skills? How are you going to get better? I share my energy in the video below.

Video: Jim Rohn Network Marketing Quotes

Did you like the quotes? Powerful right? What are YOUR favorite Rohn quotes and what do they mean to you? Comment below if you ever learned something from the late great and be sure to share with others.

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