List Building & Email Marketing to Build Your MLM Business

List building is critical for anyone that is marketing pretty much anything, however, how you handle that list is just as important.

This short video will share email marketing best practices so you serve your list and have them want to stay on.

What is List Building?

There are a lot of things that you can giveaway for free. What is special about that is when you are able to give stuff for free, that builds trust to your prospects. And a lot of networking marketing, they don’t give stuff for free.

And that is one of the main reasons why we struggle.

Another is they don’t know how to generate leads for their business.

For example, this one right here, it says, “Create my first ebook

Or the offers I have on the side of my page here :).

If I want to target audience because I’m an author or speaker looking to get their book out there. I’d use that offer.

List Building is Your Asset

A lot of times you say that your company is your business. But in reality, it is your list.

You should always be collecting somebody’s name, email and phone number, and have a process where you are following up with them daily.

For example, when you have a list that you own, and you give value to that list, when you decide to switch companies or business, then people will know they can follow you, as long as they know they can trust you. 

You are giving them value and sharing with them in your niche, and then you decide to switch, some of them will follow you because of the value that you give them.

It’s important to have a list. Plug in people into system so that they understand that when you have your list, market to it, and give value,  what will happen is that that list will end up giving value to you.

Video: List Building Best Practices

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