Making This Mistake At Networking Groups?

If you are a network marketer and you are networking, this blog post is for you. There is a mistake you maybe be making at not even sure you are making it.

This video will help you when you are at your next networking groups.

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Be Careful At Your Next Networking Groups

If you’re not familiar with the 30 second commercial in networking groups, usually when you go to a group, depends on the size of the group. You have a 30 seconds to a 120 second spiel about your business, and you share with the members in that group what it is about your business. During that time, what people share with their business are the features, which is good, right? “Jay, you should be sharing features, right?”

Features are usually, how long you’ve been around, family-owned, served over two billion people, are some examples. Those are some features of your business, but what you should be focusing on are the benefits. When you get up and you give your 30 second commercial, people are thinking in their mind, “What is in it for me?” If you’re getting up and hear somebody, and saying all the great features there is about their business, you think, “Okay, cool,” but you probably tuned them out. You may be listening, but you tune them out, because you wanna know, how’s that going to benefit me?

Let me give you an example. I’ll use Jeff’s example. He says he’s been keeping people out of the courtroom and out of jail. See, that’s a benefit. That’s a benefit where people are like, “Oh, okay, they’re open. What do you do? How can I keep my employees and my company out of jail or out of the courtroom?” All of a sudden, you have a conversation going there now. That’s a benefit of his business, and now you’re more open to listen to exactly what his business is, because it’s actually providing a benefit to you or somebody you may know, and you can actually refer that to somebody else instead of a feature where it’s just like a resume or a list of awards.

Video On Networking Groups

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