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Marketing Tips: Should you Market your Product or Opportunity?

If you are in network marketing you may wonder, what should you be marketing, your product or your opportunity?

This post will help you with some marketing tips to help you get more results.

Get Your Prospects To Buy

marketing tipsDo your prospects want to buy from you? More importantly, do they want to do it over and over again?

If not then you’re missing one of the most IMPORTANT elements of having a successful home business.

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Marketing Tips for your Home Business

If you don’t want to lead with the money part, the business opportunity, lead with the product.

You say, “I’m in this new business, and we’ve got some pretty cool products. Do you want to check it out?” And then you send them over the video, and then it talks about the business opportunity.

When you follow up with them, they may say, “Oh! You can actually make money off of this, too.” You lead with the product, and don’t lead with the business opportunity. You don’t have to always lead with the money part because if they don’t see you walk on the stage, or making the six figures a month, they maybe immune to your money message.

But people always like to try out cool products. “Hey! Are you open to checking out this product?”

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