Marketing Tips: The First Step to Branding Yourself

Struggling with how to brand yourself? This post shares mlm tips on how it can help you.

If you are or want to be an evolved network marketer that is looking to get people coming to you vs you always chasing them, this will help.

How Do You Brand Yourself?

Be yourself, be authentic. Now, a lot of times, when I speak in my realm of network marketing, but this applies to every industry. When I say network marketing, it applies to be a realtor, insurance. In network marketing, when they “taught and trained me”, they would tell me to push the company and the product.

I failed miserably doing that but you know by now that network marketing is a people business. The reason why people buy your product or opportunity is because they know, like, and trust you. The struggle with this is that what people do is that they will put their company logo, their product first. When people go online to Facebook or social media, people don’t go to buy stuff. They go there to get information, not to be sold.

With that being said, can you make money selling on social media? Absolutely. But if you are leading with your company, you’re putting your company first, and you behind the company trying to hide behind the company, your prospects and customers, will sense that.

It might be a cool company, but who’s this person? Who’s this trying to sell this? And then when you interact on social media, which is funny to me because when people talk on social media, they don’t talk that way in person. What I mean by that is that if I met somebody at a networking event, lounge, bar or a playground where my nephew’s playing, I’m wouldn’t ask, “Hey, are you interested in a business opportunity?” right off the bat. No. I’d have a regular conversation with them, ask them questions, prospect them and see if there’s an opening for me to have a conversation like that later.

What people do is that they hide behind the internet and their company because they want to “make money”, and “make sales.” They continue to push that product and promote, “Hey, this is the best company out here” “Hey, you save 50%” etc. and that’s turning people off. It’s not authentic.

If you want to be yourself, especially with branding yourself, people gotta know who you are. People WANNA know who you are. AND it’s so transparent now with social media. Watch the video as I share examples on how you can brand attract the right people to you.

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