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MLM Blog: How To Build Your Email List?

Are you creating mlm blogs and videos and not getting people to opt in to your email list?

This video I will share what to do to get better results and start building your online list.

How To Build Your Email List With MLM Blog?

mlm blogQuestion: After every blog post, if you’re sending it out on email, and you’re writing, and you have something at the bottom saying, “If you want to learn more about me”??

Answer: I’m selling something in a blog post. But I’m educating in that blog post.

Her: Okay. It’s okay to lead them somewhere.

Me: Oh, absolutely.

Me: When I first started building my website, I would mlm blog, and write. But people don’t care how smart I am. They want their problem solved.

Her: Do you capture their emails through your social media posts?

Me: You can. You can.

Her: I know you can, but do you? Because, I’ve found that nobody has signed up, clicked on anything for them to give me their email through social media. I have better luck through email.

Me: You have better luck through email than you do social media?

Her: Yeah. Is there a trick to social media?

Me: You want them to sign up??

Her: Yeah, “Sign up so you can learn more about me.”

Me: Well, social media works. I don’t want to get into ad. But social media works, if you’re driving traffic to a website that you have, then yes, you will get people to click, put their information in. It’s very rare where people are going to click and buy right away.

Me: To answer your question, yes. But it depends on how you’re doing it. If you are saying, “Hey, check out my link” or “Hey, buy from our link,” They keep scrolling. It has to be one of those things where, when people are scrolling, and see a video of you, they stop and ask, “Oh, what is she talking about?” Boom. And they listen to it, read it, and they are intrigued. They see a link, boom. Then they’re watching the video.

Her: How do you get their email from that?

Me: In the video you have to say it

Her: Gotcha.

Video of How To Build Your Email List

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