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MLM Marketing: Active Prospecting vs Passive Marketing to Get More MLM Leads

Everyone wants to improve their MLM marketing right? This short video will show you how to get more network marketing leads by knowing the difference between active prospecting and passive marketing.

If you want more MLM leads, watch this short video.

MLM Marketing vs. Prospecting

mlm marketingThe majority of people are on Facebook. Are you doing Facebook prospecting or Facebook marketing?

Facebook prospecting is when you reach out to individuals. In the network marketing industry, you could go to industry leader’s website or page to see what company they’re in and start building a relationship. This is me reaching out to somebody, start building that relationship, seeing if they’re open to my business.

Facebook marketing is when you’re putting content out and people are reaching out to you. For example, Home Depot does a great job of this. They’ll hold seminars and say, “Come to our seminar on how to lay tiles.”  A 60 minute seminar on how to lay tiles. They start laying that tile while people are there and afterwards suggest, “Hey we got that tile back there on sale for, 50% off, 60% off “  You can use the same concept with webinars.

More people want to passive market. People want prospects to reach out to them all day long. With the internet, you can do that if you are strategically, position yourself as an authority in front of people. With active prospecting, you can still do it. You have to be postured, how to speak to them about network marketing. I won’t get into all the NLP tricks. If you’re doing Facebook marketing right, when people start going to your page, look at your information, go to your website. They will see you as authority with your information.

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