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MLM Marketing Tips To Create Content For Your Audience

What are some MLM marketing tips to create content?

In this training I will share the practical ways to put out content for your audience.

Marketing Tips To Create Content For Your Audience

mlm marketing tipsFocused on how it would benefit them, instead of what the company does and doesn’t do.

This is going to be the Facebook question you asked, on how to target for that? If it’s cheaper, if somebody’s looking for the cheaper insurance or policy, that’s not your target. Target premium people that want your service. You’re not going to target the person who is just trying to have insurance just to be able to get by.

For example, targeting people who are making $80k or $100k and above. Create an ad targeting those people, and you can talk about the benefits, this is what we do. Create that content, or the content you already created and direct that targeted traffic to that content, so you can start rebuilding that relationship again, “I haven’t seen you in a couple of weeks,” and you get them on the phone.

When you start learning how to drive traffic and you get them on the phone. Your business is fun. Because these people are already looking. It’s not like cold calling here… That sucks

It does, because you go through so many numbers for very little results. When you’re able to learn how to generate your own leads and generate your own business, you’re happy to be in business, because you can help the person. People don’t join companies, they join people.

The reason why you buy, signed up for your company is because the person who introduced them to it. It wasn’t because of how great the company is. Now, the person who was in the company, they probably shared with you how great the benefits were and what they’re doing. The potential is there, but the reason why you end up joining or signing up, is because of that relationship that they built that company.

If you take your business online and start building your brand, people start seeing you over and over. There was a guy, probably three weeks ago, he came and he had been following me for a year before even seeing me. He’s said,

“Man, I see you all over Facebook, I see you all over social media. Let me go in and meet this guy.”

This is not a 30 day or 60 day thing, you see what I’m saying? If you’re in business, you got to think long-term. I’ve been to a lot of companies, where what they don’t teach, is how to communicate with another individual. They don’t teach you how to communicate with people.

They tell you how great the company is and how great the product is. The company might be great. I love network marketing, the products are great, but I don’t want to go there to learn how to lose weight. I want to learn, how am I going to build my business.

The Practical Strategy For Content

In the video down below, I explain more about what would be the PRACTICAL strategy for YOU to use when putting out content.

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