MLM Prospecting: 4 Different Personality Styles

Do you ever ever feel like you just don’t resonate with some people and some people you click with right away? Wanna learn how to connect with people and identify the personality style? This blog post will help you learn how to read people.

Reading People Through Communication and Their Personality Styles

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I learned from a seminar this past weekend called Power of the Presentation and it was so many things to take away from it. I think these tips I’m going to share with you right now will definitely help you identify and build instant rapport with people and know exactly who you are talking to when you’re out there mlm prospecting and help you recruit more people in to your business.

Personality type number one we are going to start with is the spade personality. The spade personality is a control personality, the driver, always want to win. They have that unique personality where they want you to get to the point. Here is an example. In a presentation, if you are dragging long a presentation and if you haven’t caught this personality styles attention in the first two or three minutes within the presentation, they’re going to check out. Even if they are a high buyer. So, it’s important that you understand that this spade personality you have to catch real quick, attention quick, because they’re about winning, they’re willing to exchange their money for their time, they want somebody to do it for them. It’s a control personality, they always have to win.

The second personality is the club personality. This personality is more focused on numbers. They want to make sure that they do their due diligence. They want the stats to back it up, they want the data to back that up, they want a list. When you are in a presentation and do the one, two, three? For example, I was going to give you four different types of personality styles, those numbers right there, they help you identify them so I’m speaking with that club personality now because I said I was going to give you four tips or four different personality styles on identifying different personalities. They are numbers drive, data driven.

The next one is the heart personality. Pretty self explanatory. They are the ones that want to build a relationship with you, build some type of friendship with you before they do business, they want to enjoy the relationship. The heart is they want more of the friendship in the relationship. Even if it’s short term or long term, but they want that relationship with you before they start doing business with you.

The last one is the diamond personality. The diamond personality is more expressive, outgoing, like to have fun. When doing a presentation and you’re making your presentation fun, you are going to connect with that person, speak to that person who likes to have and like, “Yes, okay. What’s up? Let’s do it.”  You will get the vide when you watch the video below =). Make sure that when you talk to that diamond personality that you are showing energy, having a good time and show that it can be a game. Now, obviously the spade personality won’t like those fun and games, but the diamond will.

Video On Different Personality Styles

So, next time you are talking to a prospect for your MLM on the phone or via email, listen and look for words or language they are using that will clue you in to what type of personality they are and then communicate back to them in the same manner. Comment below what your personality style.

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