MLM Prospecting: 5 No’s No’s On Rapport Building

Wanna become a master of MLM prospecting? Watch the video below on rapport building!

Watch this video to learn how to better connect with strangers and professionals, avoid the mistakes people make when they prospect no matter where you meet them!

Are You Asking Building Rapport Questions?

rapport-buildingThis is some common mistakes that I’ve seen and made. I think there are lot of times when you are mlm prospecting, you see these successful network marketers differently. You see them at a level like they are flawless and perfection. Every network marketer that has walked across the stage and received an award that’s ranked up. They have been through what the beginning network marketers going through. Nobody is immune to this you have to go, fail forward, get to the bumps and bruises. I’m not saying that you won’t avoid them in the future hopefully you will but I’m gonna share with you how you can avoid these mistakes.

Mistakes on How to Build Rapport with Customers

Rapport building mistake number one is leading with your wallet. A lot of times network marketers, because they are promoting a product or service they are leading with their wallet. They are trying to get the sale right then and there. That is terrible rapport building because the prospect can feel it and they feel like you are trying to get something from them. You only trying to create a sale, it raises resistance in the prospect and they can feel that energy if you’re trying to lead with your wallet.

Number two is talking about yourself. People love to talk about themselves. But if you’re going into a conversation and you are talking about only yourself and business the prospect is going to be turned off by that, because they want to talk about themselves as well. They can see that if you continue to talk about yourself and your accolades, what you been doing, where you’ve been traveling, and what’s going on in your life. Prospects will be resistant to that because they’ll be like “man, this person all they want to do is just talk about themselves”. A great book out there is ‘How To Win Friends And Influence Them‘ by Dale Carnegie. In the book it talks about be interested not interesting. So you want to be interested in who you’re speaking with not interesting in talking about yourself.

Number three is being scripted. I think people, when they get the scripts from their company, or get these scripts from other means. It’s not genuine. So they’re coming off reading the script and memorizing the script. I share a great example in the video below.

Number four is not researching your prospect. Now with this great resource of social media, you can now go and research a prospect before you go out and speak to them. For example, if I see prospect that doesn’t have their picture on there, hiding behind the logo, or online, have negative things on there Facebook page. I’m not going to speak to that person. People who go out there and not see what type of business that they’re in, not research and they continually send them unsolicited links on Facebook, it just doesn’t work.

The last one which, I was talking about earlier about being scripted, is not practicing.  Most only want to go and play the game, which I highly suggest because that’s an action step but you have to practice. You have to go out there and practice the skills that you are skills that you are learning, If you are not applying what you’re learning and you’re not practicing it then you will not get better, you’re not going to develop those skills, you’re not going to sharpen your craft.

Rapport Building No-No’s Video

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