how to find mlm prospects

MLM Prospecting: How To Find MLM Prospects

If you want more results in your MLM prospecting, you must first find more people to connect and talk to.

This post will help you locate for more prospects and people to talk to about your service, product or opportunity.

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MLM Prospecting and Finding Your Prospects

Selling is a skill, and a lot of people don’t like to sell. “Oh, I hate sales. I don’t like sales.” If you understand sales, everything is sales. If you go to an interview you have to sell yourself for that job. When you are building your network marketing business, you have the option of who you want to work with. Who you want to attract and who you want to work with? What problems do you want to solve? When you go in with the mindset of, “These are the people I WANT to work with,” things change. What you trying to do is find out what works for you.

In network marketing, it’s about what duplicates. Find what works for you and what you can duplicate. This is why I suggest using tools and resources from your company. If you can either automate and teach your team how to automate their business, via Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, that can be duplicatable once you’ve learned how. Also, when you get prospects in front of your presentation, instead of trying to present yourself, send them to a tool or resource where they can watch it and you follow up, that’s duplicatable.

Hey, can you watch this and get a decision? Of course you can. And can I teach you how to show somebody to watch this to get a decision? Of course you can. That’s duplicatable.

Find what is it best for you, and teach that. First, who do you want to attract, who do you want to work with. That is your target market. Stop trying to sell steaks to vegans and vegetarians, especially online. It’s not going to work.

Watch the video below as I share some stories.

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