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MLM Prospecting: How to Get More Referrals From Your Prospects

Wanna know how to get referrals from prospects you speak with?

Watch this short video on tips I share on how to get referrals from your prospects.

Should You Go For With Referrals?

get more referralsI would say the number one main way of meeting new people is networking. That’s my favorite way.

I don’t wait a whole long time to build a rapport because ” You want to be friends with who you network with.” I did a blog post on different personalities, check it out here. I’m using that card analogy, spade club, diamond and heart.

Once you understand their personality and who you’re talking with, that’s when networking with people and you can start speaking their language. That’s one way to get the person you want to speak with.

Another one is following up with prospects. For example, somebody told me this and I laughed at first, but it makes sense. You follow up with them forever until they die. That makes sense. You continue to follow up with them FOREVER. You follow up with them and even if they’re not ready to buy your product or service, ask for the referral.

Be cordially aggressive. Since I played basketball my mentality is you can’t score unless you shoot :). You got to continue to shoot to score. There’s a lot of people I played with who want to score and they are scared to shoot. You’ve got to shoot the basketball.

You have to ask for the referral, especially if you have a good relationship with somebody. For example, “Hey, I know this product may not be for you, but do you know anybody, if I show them step by step on to use this product or build a business, would they be interested in it?” They’ll start thinking about it.

People put pressure on themselves and you don’t have to put pressure on yourself. If you make it about them and genuinely trying to help them, it’s not about you anymore. Then you’re not getting “judged”, because you don’t get judged anyways, regardless.

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