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MLM Prospecting: How To Have More Control In Your Network Marketing Business

Want to have more control in your network marketing business?

Here’s my simple and effective strategies to get you more recruits in your business.

What You Can Control

mlm prospectingWhen mlm prospecting or pitching people my business, there’s always two things I talk about. Active prospecting, passive marketing. A lot of classes that I have in here, I never veer people away from the active prospecting. I talk a lot about passive marketing because people don’t know how to market and how to attract people.

Active Prospecting vs Passive Marketing

Passive marketing is when you put out a video, blog, article, banner, drop card, some type of marketing material out there, and some unnamed individual reaches out, raises their hand and says “I’m interested in your product or your service.” That’s passive marketing, where somebody is saying, “Can you please help me?” This is very hard to control. It is really difficult to control, because you’re doing a lot of testing in the beginning with your passive marketing.

Active prospecting, you can control that all day long. People ask me all the time, where is it that I talk to people? There are different lead sources to talk to prospects. If you are looking for that acceptance and approval, this won’t matter. Active prospecting, in my opinion, is one of the most powerful ways you can control your business. Go to as many events as possible and start building relationships right away.

Passive marketing is something you want to add to what you’re doing. Because the internet is 365, 24/7, it never shuts off. When you do this right, even if you don’t control it, you can have people coming to you on a daily basis. But in the beginning, that’s not going to happen.

For example, when I create a video and create passive marketing to share with my audience. Now, for someone who doesn’t know me, I wouldn’t create an hour video and teach them how to do it because if they don’t know me, they will look at that time, it’s going to be an hour, “I don’t got that time.”

People who know me will watch that. In the beginning, you may not want to do that. If you put a 3 to 5 minute video, that’s how my videos were in the beginning, and still are. If you were to create videos like “how to recruit people into my network marketing business” and talk about 3 minutes on how to do that, they are going to watch that. “How to market to employees if you’re a network marketer.” People are going to click on that. It’s only 3-5 minutes. So that’s the way to get my brand out there fairly quick. But you got to be consistent.

People will create 10 videos, and then they’ll quit. “Woah, why is it not working?” I got these 500 videos on there. Obviously, it didn’t happen overnight. I was just chipping away. People wonder, “I’ve been doing it for three months; why is nobody watching?” Because they don’t know you yet. Don’t worry about why you’re not getting results right now. In my opinion, people look at results. What are you doing to get results? I did a video two weeks ago, and it didn’t bring anything in for me. Well, you got to keep on filming.

Active Prospect Consistently

network marketing businessYou have to prospect. Always active prospect. I did a blog post the other day, said how I recruited 5 people into my business in the last 7 days. And one question that they ask me is, “Where did you find those people? How did you find those people?” And the majority of them were through active prospecting. Through my passive marketing, it’s just going out there and talking to people. I recruited them in five days, but I have gotten some of them through my marketing. But I have built a relationship with them through my marketing a couple months before. When you talk to people now are going to end up converting them in your business later.

When you are NOT active prospecting, or haven’t prospected anybody, I can tell you the future. You are going to get zero signups. It’s a no-brainer. Especially in my industry, if you’re mlm prospecting less than 9 people a week, this can be super slow. You’re not going to get the results you’re looking for. If you’re serious about your business, take control of it and do a lot of active prospecting. This can be online or offline. You don’t have to go to networking events. You can do through Facebook. Use the training I got on my blog where I talk about Facebook prospecting. Just reach out to individuals every single day, start to build relationships, prospecting them, and see if they’re open to a business program.

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