MLM Prospecting: How To Invite

This is THE most important aspect of MLM prospecting, if you do not learn how to invite, your game is toast.

Learn how to invite in this simple and quick video.

MOST Network Marketers Have No Idea

how-to-inviteDon’t get the wrong idea, I believe we should be excited about our company’s event. But we tend to be more optimistic as we attend self improvement events and we get fired up when we attend company events right?

You certainly have to keep a level of excitement but when it comes to learning how to invite, you have to be smart about it.

When you invite your prospect to an event or a company presentation, follow some very simple rules with MLM Prospecting…

Rules of the Invite

First thing on how to invite is to let this person know why you are willing to look at the information. Ask questions to find out what is going on in the life current so you can invite them to look at your company presentation.

Next step is create curiosity. Most network marketers what to present when they have someone to speak with, this is the invite so peak your prospects interest to see if they are open to taking a look. Remember your company is valuable, so you are the one with the gift.

After this, maintain your control. Think duplication. You wanna make sure that you don’t tell your prospect about all your products and service, that what the presentation is for you are focusing on getting them in front of it. 

Get a commitment. Ask when they are gonna watch the presentation or when they will come to the event. With that commitment you set a time or follow up after your company event is finished and see what they like about it.

Video: Basics On How To Invite

If you follow that advice, do you think you will improve your MLM prospecting results? Of course you will! If you want others to learn how to invite, feel free to share this and comment below if you got value.

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