MLM Prospecting Tips: How To Talk To Your MLM Leads

Struggling with prospecting and talking with your MLM leads? These mlm prospecting tips will help you talk with more people and generate leads using the Internet.

If you aren’t generating any MLM leads right now, it’s OK, let me help you do just that.

A Quick Note

mlm-prospecting-tipsBefore I get into the MLM prospecting tips, understand that what I teach can be used online or offline. Click here for a training I did on prospecting online with Facebook. Here is an offline strategy that helps you properly invite people to check out your business.

Talking to Your MLM Leads

First of all, when you generate a mlm lead online, understand that they are asking for your help. When somebody puts their name and information into one of your websites, they want help. They are lost and don’t know what to do. They went your websites, are reaching out and want some help.

Once you pick up the phone and you call that lead keep it simple. It’s a very simple process. A quick introduction. Something like, “Hey Joe. How are you doing? This is Jay. I’ve seen that you went to my website about taking your business online or growing your business online. Do you remember doing that?” And wait for an answer. Usually they’ve gone through a ton of websites.

If you call them, this means you will be sticking out. Ask them if they remember doing that. If they answer yes, continue with, “Great. Do you have a few minutes to speak?” That’s an important question to ask. Do you have a few minutes to speak? This person could be going to work, at work, picking their kids up. You want to make sure that you ask that question before you proceed with the questions that you want to ask them.

In the video below I breakdown a few more mlm prospecting tips so that you can talk to your mlm after you generate them. If you dig the training make sure you leave a comment below.

Video On How to Talk With Your MLM Leads

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