MLM Prospecting Tips: Prospecting Builds Your Business

If you want to explode your business you will have to learn how to master prospecting. You can do both online or offline mlm prospecting but in this blog post I’ll share some mlm prospecting tips that you can use to build your business.

Prospecting To Build

mlm-prospecting-tipsYesterday at the Get Motivated event we had a ton of great speakers that  inspired and transformed so many people. There were ton of network marketers that were getting started or looking to take their network marketing business to the next level. MLM prospecting was one of the main segments and how it is the most profit producing activity that you can do for your business.

It is important to master this skill so that you can become a better communicator with people. These MLM prospecting tips are some suggestions so that when you speak with people you can pull them into your business instead of being the pushy salesperson.

The Major Type Of MLM Prospecting Tips

1. Face to Face: One on one’s are great to build rapport and relationships with an individual. If you can set an appointment and speak with people to see if they are open to your business after you make a connection than do this. Don’t go into a one on one looking to close a sale if it your first one on one with a prospect. Look to build rapport and see if they are open.

2. Telephone: Some still cold call, but most are afraid of this method. This will improve your skills to speak with individuals over the phone. Making calls attacks to problems, the fear of the phone and closing people over the phone. You master the phone, you will close more sales.

3. Referrals: Most people miss this part of their business because they look to close the sales on their one on one’s. Once you build trust, rapport and relationships with you will get referrals. If the person you are speaking with trust you, they will sure business with you or when you ask for the referral they will give it to you.

4. Marketing: This is where most network marketers are not trained. As a business you need lead flow and sales to continue to come to you. Network marketers are not taught marketing only prospecting. You can learn more about this here.

5. Social Networking: most companies don’t teach this form of mlm prospecting because their was no social media when network marketing started. This a powerful way to prospect. Here is a training I did you social networking.

Mastering mlm prospecting is so viable in your business and when you become a better communicator you will recruit more people. If you wanna learn more on mastering this skill, click here.

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