MLM Prospecting: Top 10 Questions To Ask While Marketing Through Social Media

Ever want to know what to say while marketing through social media? Want to build rapport faster so you can make more sales? In this video post I share the top 10 questions you can ask to your prospects.

Where are you prospecting….?

marketing-through-social-mediaThere are so many social media platform out there right now and it will continue to grow because the internet is not going anywhere. When you are marketing through social media, you don’t wanna spread yourself to thin. What most people do is that they try to use all social media platforms at once, what I suggest is that when you connect with your prospect, funnel them to Facebook .

Facebook is the platform where you will get the most intimate connection with your prospect and you can learn more about this individual. Here is a cheat sheet where you can learn more. But if you have a platform you feel comfortable, use that one =)

Remember when you are on social media, it is used to build a relationship with your prospect not spam them with links. Asking questions is the perfect way where you are prospecting people to see if they are open. In the below are the 10 questions you can ask to prospect and in the video below in goes into a bit more detail.

Top 10 questions to ask while marketing through social media.

  1. What do you do?
  2. How will I know when I’m talking to someone, if they will be a good client or customer for you?
  3. How long have you been with your business?
  4. How have you primarily marketed your business in the past?
  5. Have you had good results with that so far?
  6. Have you ever consider doing something else or are you happy with where you at right now?
  7. Are you working full time with your current business/job or do you have other side projects you are involved in?
  8. This may or may not be for you, but if I could show you a better way to get better results without interfering time wise with your current business would you be open to it?
  9. How soon do you think you can take a look at the information?
  10. Here is my phone number, Give me a call if you have questions what’s yours so I know who is calling?

Video On Marketing Through Social Media

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