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MLM Prospecting: When To Present Your Warm Market

Want to approach to your Warm Market about your Network Marketing company?

This will help you to understand your warm market and what to do about it to create MLM Prospecting Success!

MLM Prospecting & Your Warm Market

mlm prospectingThis topic came up over a training I did this past weekend where people didn’t “have a warm market” or were a bit nervous about presenting their business to a warm market.

It is very important that when you approach your warm market with your network marketing business that you do NOT, one, trying to close a sale and two, with fear. Most of the times you don’t want to approach the warm market or any of your family and friends because you are scared of getting rejected or judged.

Don’t look to “close a sale” right then and there. Look to see if there are open and don’t worry about the fear of rejection because if they say no, continue to move on.

When Do You Approach your Warm Market?

You approach them when you don’t care if they sign up or not. There’s a book called Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard. He talks about posture in the book. He was interviewed and during that interview he was asked, “Hey, when do I approach my family and friends about my network marketing company?” And his response was, “You approach them whether you don’t care if they sign up or not.”

Posture, not caring. That’s deciding to build the business with or without that person. You don’t need everyone to build your business. You just need PEOPLE. If you are mlm prospecting, you can get PEOPLE to help build your business. If you don’t even, approach your warm market or share with them what you’re doing then how are they going to “help you promote it”?

Don’t be addicted to that outcome. Be postured about your business. There’s a reason why you signed up., don’t forget that. Maybe it’s the different lifestyle or the product has changed your life. Don’t let a family member, friend or warm market discourage you from that. Maintain your posture and don’t be addicted to the outcome.

If they say no, go to the next one. You don’t need everyone in your business. You ONLY need people in your business.

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