MLM Recruiting: How To Become A Better Closer

Today’s blog you will learn some strategies and get better results in your MLM recruiting efforts.

This is how to become a better closer.

Closing and MLM Recruiting

how-to-become-a-better-closerThis video came from a training I did, and I also do some training on my Periscope channel.

You don’t need an exact script to close people in this kind of business because the thing is that some will, some won’t. So what? That’s how it is. Does a script help? Maybe. It can give you ideas on what questions to ask, but is it going to help you learn how to become a better closer? It depends on who you are, if you have a business mentality or reading like a robot.

Number one I would say is invest in yourself. Invest in recruiting courses. I’ve invested in a lot of recruiting courses. I’ve invested in Ray Higdon’sTodd Falcone, Dani Johnson, Eric Worre. There’s a lot of different recruiting courses out there that I’ve invested in so I can close more people and become a better recruiter and close more people. That’s tip number one.

Tip number two is after you invest in yourself, you take the time to learn it because what happens is that people will invest in those courses, they’ll take the time to learn it, but then they won’t go and apply that stuff. What’s a good way? It’s getting in the game. You have to get in the game. You know what I mean? I can be a fan all day long and study, study the analytics, study everything, but I got to get in the game, or not even a fan, maybe your problem, a sub. I have to get in the game to experience how to become a better closer. If I’m that person that wants to take the last shot, which I am, I do like taking the last shot at the game, if I’m that person that likes to take the last shot, I’m not going to learn that being on the bench.

I got to step in there and take the last shot because once I take that last shot, then I have the experience on how to finish the game off. It’s the same thing if you want to close more people into your business. You have to invest in yourself, learn what to say and maybe what not to say. I wouldn’t say what not to say, but learn. You got to just get in the action. You got to get in the game, which comes into a point of, you have to ask better questions. If you’re not closing people, you’re not asking good questions. You have to ask questions because by asking questions, what you’re doing is they’re opening up information so that you can have that information so you can go back and take mental notes and say what they have said to you and use that to close them into your business.

Watch the video below to get some more MLM recruiting examples:

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