MLM Recruiting: How To Do A Three Way Call

Looking for more production with your MLM recruiting? This will help you get more out of your three way calls.

Watch the short video and learn how to do a three way call for your business.

Are You Doing Three Way Calls?

how-to-do-a-three-way-callNot every single prospect you speak with needs a three way call but when utilized right it can help you build your organization. Some uplines don’t utilize the three ways calls but if you working with an upline that uses them or you are the upline that uses them, you will get better results.

How To Do A Three Way Call

When you get on a three-way call, you need to call your sponsor, and ask them if they have a few minutes to speak with the prospect. Make sure that your mlm sponsor is available. Don’t call them up and surprise them before a prospect has watched a presentation plus, they are building their businesses as well. Make sure that your sponsors are available.

Second, make sure when you introduce your prospect to your sponsor AND edify your sponsor. Your sponsor knows a lil more than you even it its the first day. Let them know that their time is very limited but they will answer any objectives that they have. After you edify your sponsor, be quiet, shut up and listen. If your sponsor is smart, he will ask a simple question, “Can you do what he/she is doing? They will answer, “They are not doing anything.” They response, “Exactly!” Its not about what works, but what duplicates. After they answer all the objections, you may recruit them into your business.

Watch the video below as I explain how to do a three way call. This is an important training that you can use in your business.

Video on How To Do A Three Way Call

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