MLM Sponsoring: Difference Being Pushy vs Being Pully

If you want better results with MLM sponsoring then you need to stop being pushy and learn to be pully.

This concept will greatly change the way you feel about network marketing sponsoring and help you and your business go to the next level.

MLM Sponsoring Results On Being Pully?

mlm-sponsoringA lot of people don’t like to be pushed into a sale. Not just in network marketing, but when you’re trying to buy something. When you feel like you’re getting pushed into a sale, there is a lot of resistance and can even have buyers’ remorse. The video below I’m going to share with you how you know the difference between the two, because need to learn to be pully instead of pushy.

Being pushy is obviously when somebody is coming to you suggesting, “Hey, this is the best opportunity and you’re stupid if you don’t join.” There’s a lot of hardcore sale tactics that just really don’t work. Especially not for the long term, will you make some sales like that? Yeah, if you go through the numbers you will make sales, but it’s not a good strategy to have if you’re trying to push people and use these hardcore tactics to push them into your network marketing business. Even if you get that sale, and you push them into your business, long term in network marketing, they will not want to grow, or build anything.

How do we actually pull people into the business? Ask questions, ask better questions. A question similar to, “Hey are you open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?” Their response, “Yes but what is it?” Then ask a follow up question, “Well just curious, why are you open to making some extra money? Why are you open to a side project?” By asking the question, then they start giving you information on why they’re open to a side project. Maybe they got to put their grandmother in a home, put their kids through college, or retire their spouse.

It should be something where your opportunity is the solution to their problems. If they reply, “Yeah I got to put my grandma in a home.” Your response could be, “Okay how serious is it? What will happen if you don’t do that?” They will response similar, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with her.” You are asking deeper questions, so your network marketing opportunity, can be the solution to that problem. You want that option to be your network marketing opportunity because you want them to see that if you’re pulling them into it, there’s a long term strategy where they actually see the value in you network marketing opportunity to make some extra money.

Video On MLM Sponsoring And Pulling Your MLM Prospects

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