MLM Sponsoring: How To Be A Better Closer

If you want more results in your MLM sponsoring, learn how to be a better closer.

These simple tips will help you and I’ll share a few MLM sponsoring resources for you.

Here Are Helpful MLM Sponsoring Resources

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How To Be A Better Closer

This came from when I was at a networking event the other day. They were suggesting that they were closing a lot of more people because they were using scripts. Usually people who are using scripts are salesmen. They have experience in sales and wired themselves to be script based. Professional in sales use scripts then they work. You can check out this script here.

In the network marketing game if you’re out using scripts you don’t sound authentic or real because you are reading word from word whether you are on the phone with somebody and it just doesn’t sound natural, and you’re probably not closing sales.

How to be a better closer? This is very simple. You ask better questions. Closing questions are questions that I ask after somebody sees the presentation. In the video below, I share some suggestion on questions I use.

If you want to sponsor people into your business you have to get better at asking questions. You’ll have to receive a ton of information while you are prospecting them. Store that information or write it down so when you start to close them you have that information in hand. Here is another resource where you can master mlm sponsoring.

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