MLM Tips: Answering What Do YOU Do

In network marketing, you are starting out brand new and not sure how to answer that dreadful question, “what do you do?” In this blog I’ll share some mlm tips on how to answer that question.

So What Do You Do?

mlm-tipsTo answer that question, it really does depend. Let me tell you what I mean. If somebody asks you, what do you do, I’m assuming you are a network marketer and out networking at networking events, networking with people. If somebody’s asking you, what is it that you do? They’re asking what is it that you do for a living.

Obviously, be honest with your answer. You don’t want to deceive or con people. You want to be honest with your answer. I’ve been networking for a long time. You want to make sure that you actually listening to what the person is doing. At these networking events, turn on your listening ears, because these people who are networking are trying to sell you their product. You’re going to be pitched a lot at these networking events, and then if there’s a networking event that has alcohol, then people are going to be a little bit more amped up to share that information with you.

This is how I suggest answering this. Say you’re in construction. If somebody asks you, they’re going off on how great their product and network marketing company is, and they turn around, and ask, “So what is it that you do?” You reply, “Yeah, I’m in construction, but I’ve also got another project that I’m working on. What about you, what is it that you do?” Do you see what I did? I just flipped it on them, because I want to listen on what is it that they do, because I’m collecting their information, and listening to what it is that they do. I don’t have to have this in a super script to tell them what is it that I do. Basically tell them I’m in construction. “Hey, I’m in construction, but I also have a project that I’m working on.” I kind of divert the question, “What is it that you do?” Then at these networking events, people love to talk, and they’re going to love to tell you about their information about their business ventures that is going on.

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