MLM Tips: What To Do When Appointment Don’t Show

Are you getting appointment no-shows in your network marketing business?

Here are a few MLM tips to reduce the number of no-shows to your scheduled meetings.

What To Do When Your Appointment Doesn’t Show

mlm-tipsHere is what you don’t do. You don’t want to come off as needy. If you come off as needy like, “Aw man, that was my only appointment today.” Which, it shouldn’t have been, but if it was your only appointment for today, you don’t want to come off as down or depressed. You need to focus on who do you need to book next? Who do you need to speak with next about your network marketing business? Who do you need to speak with next about your product? Focus on that instead of focusing on, “That appointment, my day’s ruined.”

What if they don’t show or answer your call?

If somebody doesn’t show up, whether it’s a phone call or you’re supposed to meet somebody it’s a very simple process. I’ll go through both scenarios. We’ll go to the meeting a person first. Say, you’re going to meet somebody at a location and do a one on one. They didn’t show up. Call them.

Here is my voicemail system

Your appointment was at 9:00 in the morning. You call them, “Hey, John. We had an appointment today. I’m here waiting for you. I’ll be here for about another 15 minutes waiting for you. Just let me know if you’re going to come or not.” 15 minutes go by. He didn’t show. You get up and go. Don’t wait around for that prospect. If you want to wait around, do some extra work, make some phone calls, that’s fine, but don’t wait around for that prospect. Move on to the next one.

You give him a follow-up call 24 hours later just to see if everything is okay, “Hey John. We had an appointment yesterday. You didn’t show up. I waited for you for about 15 minutes, but I had to get going. If the business is not a fit for you that’s totally cool, but I just want to make sure everything’s okay. Give me a call back and we can discuss about what you saw.” That’s the second phone call. He missed the first appointment. Second call, he didn’t call you back because maybe he’s not interested or he doesn’t call you back at all.

Third phone call, “Hey John, how are you doing? Just want to let you know, I’m taking you off my list. Obviously this is not a fit for you. I’m gonna take you off my list. I wish you the best of success and I’ll talk to you soon. Take care. Bye.”

With that third phone call, that’s when you are going to get a call back because people do not like to be taken off the list. They feel it’s a sense of urgency. He might be like, “Man, you know, what was I missing? Is there something I missed? Maybe I need to follow-up, I need to call him back to see what’s going on.” On that third voicemail, if they missed the appointment, they’re not returning your phone call. That third voicemail, you are going to get a response back.

Watch the video below to get the mlm tips on no-shows when they answer phone calls.

Video: MLM Tips on Appointments Not Showing

Easy, right? What are your thoughts? Did that help? Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your team.

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