MLM Tips: How NOT to Invite to Your Network Marketing Business

Are you doing a ton of prospecting but not getting the results because of your invite? These MLM tips will help you grip the biggest reasons MLM prospects don’t join your opportunity.

This happened to me and a friend recently. And if you are going to invite this way, you are going to turn a lot of people off. This is NOT a good way to build a network marketing business because you are going to turn people off.

When you turn people off, it makes it bad for the industry and it’s like a compound effect of why a lot of network marketers struggle. The industry of network marketing as a whole struggles.

How to Invite to Your Network Marketing Presentation

When you invite. It’s really simple. You are MLM prospecting.

This is your warm market or hot market.

Ask them “Hey, I’m into this new business!” or “I’ve been doing business for a while. Are you up to checking it out? Are you open to seeing the presentation? If you can, cool. If not, no big deal.

If you do that you give them invitation, but you are also giving them an out.

Don’t “Trick” Your Prospect

The problem is people don’t want to get rejected. Since they don’t want to get rejected, they end up inviting the wrong way.

When you trick somebody to your network marketing business, they will think that they will trick their friends, their warm market, and that’s a foundation you don’t want to build your business on.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to trick somebody.

How NOT to Invite to Your Network Marketing Business Video

If you follow that advice, do you think you will improve your results? Of course you will! If you want others to learn how NOT to invite, feel free to share this and comment below if you got value.

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