MLM Tips: How To Get Paid In Network Marketing

You wanna know how to get paid in network marketing? The answer may surprise you.

In this blog post I’ll with you that can help you get paid.

Network Marketing Tips on Getting Paid

how-to-get-paidA lot of people, here in the network marketing industry, I don’t think they understand how you get paid. If you are on Facebook, make sure that you like my page. Make sure you see the notification when you like it. There’ll be a box that comes down. Just make sure that you put it in your newsfeed so you can see my page. If you’re on Periscope, make sure that you add me on Periscope. Share with your friends. Maybe this training will help them.

With that being said, let’s get into the training. How to get paid? Now, this is very simple, but I think a lot of times people want to complicate things. That’s how people are wired. In network marketing you get paid to not only to promote your products, you have to produce. It’s not just what you are promoting or selling, it’s what your team is promoting and selling as well, simple right? Specifically for this video, how to get paid is off a decision.

When you are talking to a prospect you have got to get them to decide. They gotta to say yes or a no. With my buddy, he was telling me about how there was a guy he was following up with and wouldn’t make a decision. Basically going through a few objections of why he hasn’t made a decision yet. My suggestion to him was get him to decide, yes or no so you can move on. I’m not saying when you say no that you throw that lead away, unless they’re negative. You just take that lead and you put it back in the CRM and follow up in 30 days, 60 day, 90 days.

You have to have your prospect make a decision. That’s the way we get paid in this industry. You have to have him make a decision. If they say yes, that’s great. Get them up and going. Get them started. If they say no, fine. That’s great too. At least you can say, “Okay, you know what, that’s fine that you know you’re not ready. You know, I’ve got some other team members I got to get ahold of. When is a good time to get back in contact with you? I’ll follow up with you in 30 days.

Don’t want to spend a lot of time on a prospect that is on the fence. If a person needs more information after you’ve shown them the presentation, AND answered all their objections then one is that you’re not holding your posture. You need to have posture in this industry. I learned that a long time ago in a book called Magnetic Sponsoring. You have to maintain your posture in this business. Another is, there are tools and resources out there where you don’t have to do the explanation for them. You can get on the three way call, where you get on the phone with your sponsor. They can answer those objections. Or, if there’s something in the video that they have a question about or something about the product they have a question about, send them it again. Follow up with them afterwards.

Full video on How to Get Paid

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