MLM Tips: How To Leverage Leaders Content And Get Credit

I was asked to how to leverage another trainers content and still get credit for it as a business owner.

In this post I share what you can do to get better results.

Invest, Learn, Teach Method…

contentIf I get on coach calls or webinar, I take notes. For example, I’ll say “Hey I was on this webinar and he was talking about attraction marketing. What I learned is how to find my target market, how to create content. If you want to learn more about this, reach out to me and then you can find out more about it.”

You got notes. You invested your time/money to learn something. Then you turn around and teach it. Or share it.

It’s the same concept in school. Teachers like students that take action. If a student is coming to a teacher and says, “I did the homework and got a result.” The teacher is gonna feel self-gratification. You are teaching a person a skill and they are implementing it.

Instead of somebody who’s says, “Yeah, okay, I’ll do it. Sure.” And then you sit back and watch results.

With one of my basketball teams, I give them homework and I don’t say anything. I don’t push it on them to do it. I give them homework and over time, pay attention. I know who’s doing their homework and who is not. It’s very simple.

It’s the same concept with business. You know which people are getting results and who are not getting a result, because it’s the people who are doing their homework.

In business, you don’t have someone looking over your shoulder like in high school like, did you do your homework? It’s not like that in the business world. The onus is on you. You got to get out there, do your homework, take action and get out your comfort zone, because you don’t have anyone holding you accountable but you.

Another example is working out. If you want to get stronger. I could teach him to do 10 push ups every single day. He’s say, “No, no. I want to do handstands and learn to walk on my hands.”

Ok, let’s start with these pushups. If he did 50 pushups a day for 365 days for the next five years, do you think he would get stronger? Yes. It’s boring, but it’s consistent action.

Training does NOT cost an arm and a leg to create AND it actually makes you better while you learn it. Soon, as you master this idea, you create a profitable circle that as you learn, you teach and as you teach, you earn.

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