MLM Tips: The Power Behind Giving Without Expectations

You want to be happier? It may shock you that you can do this by simply giving. Most want something when they give but I’m gonna share the power behind it when you don’t expect anything.

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What Are You Worth?

I remember I was in Australia, and I got up at this event in Australia and I told them, what is it that you want to do? I want to be the most valuable person. I want to be the resource where people come to and when they need their problem solved, I’ll be able to answer.

So when you talk about worth and value, I believe I’m invaluable. I mean I think that I can put a price on anything.Not only talking about financial means. But I mean, when you talk about spiritual, mindset, vision, business, etc.

My thing was, I wanted to be more valuable then I want to give more without expectations. I learned to give without expectations because I know that it’s gonna come back to me.

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