Network Marketing Training: How To Get People To Join Your Team

Here’s some hard hitting network marketing training for you to help you get more people to join your team.

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Network Marketing Training on Growing your Team

mlm-trainingFirst, you got to ask. If you don’t A, S, K, how are you going to G, E, T? You got to ask people if they are open to taking a look at your product or your service. Ask them if they are ready to join your program or not. You do have to ask, simply ask the question, “How do you get people to join your team.” Keep it as simple as possible, now saying that you do have to go through the numbers, also. To go through the numbers, you got to work your skills.

Let me give you a few examples. On a daily basis, I’m always reading or reviewing a new recruiting courses, sales courses, working on my skills not just to share these videos for you, but to still actively recruit people into my business. This is not one of those things where once I get to a certain level, I’m good. No, I’m actively, constantly working on myself to improve myself so I can get better at my sales skills, recruiting, prospecting, and marketing.

I’m constantly working on my skills to better myself, not only to share with you guys, also when I’m out mlm recruiting and working on building my business, it helps me. Think about it, there are times where I will ask people, “How many people are you talking to on a daily basis?” Or “How many people you talked to last week about your business?” If somebody says, “I’ve talked to four people.”

If you recruit two of those people, than that’s a 50% conversion rate. You might want to talk to more people because 50% conversion rate in this business is very high. The billionaires out there have a 30% conversion rate, so if you’re talking to four and you converted two, bump those numbers up, start talking to more people if you’re converting at 50%. You have to know how many people.

If you want people to join your team, you’re going to have to get more eyeballs on the presentation. After that, you have to simply ask. When are you getting more eyeballs on the presentation? You’re still working on your skills, working on your mlm recruiting, sales or marketing skills. Maybe a great book is How To Win Friends and Influence People. It’s a good persuasion book. It talks about pulling people towards you.

Work on your skills. Always invest in yourself about getting better, but after that you gotta hit your numbers. You simply got to ask the question one, if they’re open to take a look at it? Two, if everything was positive and everything is what you want to hear, it sounds like you’re ready to join.

Breakdown Video to Join your Team

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