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Multilevel Marketing? Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Yesterday I did a training in Dallas, Texas and we discussed the differences of the different business models out there. In this post I will be sharing how you can explain how multilevel marketing is a top small business and using social media vs traditional marketing to build it.

The Top Small Business: Multilevel Marketing

multi level marketingIs it more expensive? How do you track it? It’s more difficult to track the traditional marketing but does it still work? Yes, but as an entrepreneur you got to ask yourself where are the eyeballs going not only today but tomorrow. It’s hard to catch people’s attention. That’s why it’s important to continue to pump out that value because you want them to get content from you. It’s more expensive if you did a newspaper ad, radio, or  TV ad. You get more reach for less of a budget on social media now. You can check out how here.

How Do You Use Traditional Marketing On Social Media?

Leverage it. For example, have you been on the local news? Okay. If you were on the news, take that clip, leverage it on social media, and then drive traffic on social media with that clip. Leverage it by using the internet.

That would be the best way. If you go on live at your local television station, and gonna do an interview for you, if you have someone there with you, have them do the live feed on your Facebook Live or record it while you are bring interviewed. Show them some behind the scenes stuff.

Then you audience would appreciate you sharing that.

Now it’s your own content because if the local station does their content, you have to follow their rules. Not sure what contract you may have with them. Afterwards you may ask, “Can I get that to repurpose it? I want to put it on my podcast or my blog?”  If they say “no” then if you ask to record it with your phone on Facebook Live, and it’s yours.

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