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My Interview on Network Marketing Tips with Rob the Insurer

This is a cool win for our profession and this interview is full of powerful network marketing tips.

Rob the Insurer, a local podcaster in Dallas, the growing in our area, featured me and my story with network marketing.

Thanks Robert Brodner!

network marketing tipsRobert the Insurer is an insurance broker and a podcaster that featured me yesterday talking about network marketing and my business. This is a good win for Network marketing as traditional media doesn’t always talk about our profession and if they do they sometimes go the negative way. IF you get value from this interview be sure to thanks RobTheInsurer on Instagram for having us! Click Here to Follow and  say thanks to him.

Lots of Network Marketing Tips in This Interview

In the interview I share some network marketing tips that will help you wherever you are AND it will also help you understand why so many people DON’T have success in Network Marketing (of course, network marketing isn’t unique to the percentage of people that create success).

It’s a cool win for our profession and hopefully you get value from this.

Was that pretty cool? Think that if YOUR local podcaster talked more about network marketing as a viable option that it just might help your efforts as well as so many other people that aren’t aware of it? Share this around if you think that way, who knows, maybe it will start a trend where network marketing starts getting more positive exposure in more than just our Dallas area.

Also, did any of the network marketing tips jump out for you? Which one(s)? Feel free to comment below and let us know.

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