My Interview on The Art of Kings Podcast

Excited to share with you an interview with Tsion Stevens, please enjoy and feel free to share!

Watch the full interview and learn how we can thank Tsion for his time!

Thanks Tsion Stevens!

Tsion Stevens is the CEO of The Art of Kings Podcast and he’s a podcaster that featured me on his platform talking about network marketing, personal development and what it takes to build a success business. This is a good win, not only for Network marketing, but for all business who seek the fundamentals of starting and running a business. IF you get value from this interview be sure to thanks Tsion Stevens on Instagram for having us! Click Here to Follow and  say thanks to him. And Subscribe and listen to the podcast here.

Lots of Personal Development in This Interview

In the interview I share some personal development tips that will help you start believing in yourself and what you are building in your business.

It’s a cool win for our profession and hopefully you get value from this.

You think that if YOUR local podcaster talked more about LIFE CHANGING lessons that it just might help your efforts as well as so many other people that aren’t aware of it? Share this around if you think that way, who knows, maybe it will start a trend where personal development starts getting more positive exposure in more than just our national  area.

Also, did any of the personal development tips jump out for you? Which one(s)? Feel free to comment below and let us know.

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