My Interview On The Jacqueline Hayes Show

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Watch the short video and learn how we can thank Jackie for her time!

Thanks Farahana!

My friend Farahana Surya Namaskar made the connection one day. She said, “You need to meet this woman who is well connected and she may need your help.” After the connection we ran an event together and have been watching each other’s business grow ever since. Of course, when she asked to interview me, I jumped at the chance.

If you have yet to get her book, I highly suggest it, you can get your copy from Amazon here.

Who is Jackie Hayes?

Jacqueline Hayes is a three-time author, keynote speaker, impact coach, publisher, podcaster. Jacqueline helps women to achieve leverage and self-confidence while instilling in them passion, focus and commitment. Her professionalism and firsthand experience have been the sources of her deep knowledge, insight, direction, and understanding of issues in the corporate world, as well as the ability to impart people with excellence.

Jacqueline leverages her wealth of experience of over 20 years in human resources and talent management in major industries – healthcare, telecommunications, and technology, with her fascination with human behavior, to connect with people on every level and to empower them towards achieving greatness.

Jacqueline has three breathtaking books to her credit; “Unfolding: A Woman’s Journey,” “You Are Enough: A Guide to Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom and Acceptance,” and “Blossom: Discover the Beautiful Flower Within” – all available on Amazon.

Her focus is geared towards living well, hence, she offers the wonderful gift of making you believe in your innate special and unique abilities. Jacqueline is also passionate about enjoying life and making the world a better place. She is committed to her mission of seeing others blossom and fulfill their potential.

My Interview by Jackie Hayes (Watch This)

Wasn’t that Cool?

Seriously so grateful that she took the time to grill me with questions. Please help us show Jackie Hayes some gratitude by thanking her on Twitter, her twitter is @jhayeschngagent and again you can get her book here.

Thanks so much to all of YOU and IF you got major benefit from these questions and answers, please share this with others to help them!

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