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My Interview with Top Networker Eliana Cellabos

So on Friday I linked up with my friend Eliana Cellabos she is hands down a top networker. Listen to her interview and learn from her story of working hard to become a success.

Network Marketing Blog Interview

eliana cellabos1. Do you talk to everybody in the coffee house? Do you still go to coffee houses and prospect?

I personally don’t. Actually, I’ll take that back. I told you that this girl called me today cause her boss fired her. I met her at a coffee shop. She was talking to her friend and I looked at them and seemed cool, so I went and introduced myself and we talked for like 30 minutes. We connected through Facebook. I invited her over, we had a presentation. It took about a month for her to make the decision and she bought the most expensive product that I offer.

Everything happens for a reason. Fear holds you back. When there’s something new that is totally out of your comfort zone. You want security to have that paycheck, but what security really is, is the freedom that this hard work is going to bring to your life.

2. Do you really believe that there is security in a job? What’s your perspective on the security of a job.

Well you’re talking to the right person, because I’ve really never had a job. I never really worked for anyone. So I could tell you that having a job is not necessary. But network marketing isn’t for everyone. Let’s be realistic.

Some people need that security and that’s okay. I want people to be happy. Some people that love the structure of having a job. Do what to you feels secure. But if your heart, your gut tells you that there’s something else you need to be doing and you feel that it is a purpose behind what you’re doing today, that’s when you need to be aware and you need to act and you need to act now. Don’t wait until it’s too late. And opportunities are knocking on your door and time is valuable.

If you’re happy with your security, with your structure, stay. We need you.

3. What was it with you personally that made you chose network marketing? What’s your story?

It has to be the right fit. The product has to be the right fit that aligns with your beliefs, personality, what you want to achieve. For me, I live a life of purpose and I need to do something that changes peoples lives in a massive way and it has to be health related. Because of my background, my story, my husband passed away really young when he was 26 years old, so I don’t wish that for anyone. So, I want to enhance people’s life and their lifestyles and energy. I want people feel alive and to live a life full of health. Health for me is priceless.

One Of My Biggest Takeaways

Purpose. The reason you stay in your health and wellness industry space is because you have a purpose because of what happened in your past. There is something that is driving you, that’s inside of you that continues you to move forward but it wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have that purpose.

A lot of people talk about making money, which is important, but if you don’t have a purpose that is driving you then you’re going to really struggle in this industry.

Watch the end of the video where I share more of my take aways from her interview.

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