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My Thoughts About Running Facebook Ads If You’re A Network Marketer

Are you in Network Marketing and curious about running facebook ads?

Before you run facebook ads, you’ll want to watch this.

Here I share my thoughts about running ads as a Network Marketer and important factors when looking at advertising.

My Thoughts About Running Facebook Ads If You’re A Network Marketer

network marketerIt’s kind of a warning, because I’m going to go on a little rant. I get frustrated. I sent an email out probably a week ago, and people took it the wrong way. It’s all about how you take information :).

I was serious about impacting and helping people in their business. What I see a lot of time is that people want to build their business the “free” way. In the beginning, if you don’t have the finances, I understand there are strategies that you can use your time to build your business.

The stuff I’m going to be going over today is advertising. If you’re not spending money on your business AND you think you’re going to grow it, you’re fooling yourself. There are “FREE” ways to build it. I do that quotation for free because you are putting your time into it, and that’s why they have resources like YouTube.

Scale Your Business

If you want to scale up and start growing your business like you want to, ads is the way to go because you will reach a lot more people faster, and be able to impact more people. Even if you’ve done ads here locally, if you scale up, you can still impact more people. But I kind of get tired of people saying that they’re struggling and they’re not implementing what I’m teaching.

There was a training I was on a week ago, and they were talking about the 2-5%.

“Why is it that 95% of these people struggle? Why do they continue to struggle?”

The reason why they’re struggling is because they’re not taking actions. They come off a training or an event and say “Oh, you know what? I know that already, so I didn’t get any value from it.”

What my mentor has taught me is stop looking at what you know and look at your results. If you start looking at your results and your bank account and it’s not where you want it to be, start getting into action. But stop thinking that you know everything.

Look at Your Results

Stop looking at what you know and look at your results. And then if you start putting what, not only what I’m teaching, but this stuff that I’m going be going over into action, you will get results.

There is a disclaimer inside here, and I’ll get to it here in a little bit. But the things that I’m teaching today, the things I’ve trained about, they do work. It has helped in my business. I’m helping people, and it’s helping their business as well, so it does work.

That’s one of the frustrating things when I sent out my email last week, is that I don’t see people implementing what I’m teaching because they’re thinking I’m selling them something. I’m sorry, I’ve got to make a living. I’m not going to be stuck behind a desk in a cubicle all day long, building somebody else’s company.

And everybody in here is entrepreneurs, so there’s going to be risk involved. Everybody knows about the risks.

Even with this training I’m about to go over, when you’re spending money, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get results right away. There is a learning curve before you start getting results. I’ve been in this industry long enough to know what the struggles are, and why people aren’t getting to where they’re going.

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