Network Marketing Lead Generation Using Video

Wanna use video for network marketing lead generation? Watch this short video with powerful video marketing tips for you!

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Why Video Works?

network-marketing-lead-generationWith video, it’s probably the fastest way you could connect with your audience.

There are people who are using video that are not producing content. They’re just like, “Hey, look at me. I’m over here.” But the people who are using it for business, they’re producing content, and they are solving the problems for that market. If you want to use the attraction marketing principles, video works.

Once you start creating videos … It used to be back, this is even before I started online marketing. I think this was in the early 2000s, something like that, where you could write a blog or an article and hide behind it, still make your money. It doesn’t work like that. With social media, everybody has a voice. Everybody has an opinion. When people are searching online, they want to know who they’re buying from. Video’s probably the best way to do that.

Why People are Reluctant to Create Videos?

Videos where, “Okay. I’m looking online. I’m searching for a product, a service, a company I want to work with.” When I find one, I see a person who continues to put a content out there. What is that they’re talking about? We’re not talking about headlines and all that stuff to get clicks right now, but what is it that they’re talking about? If there’s somebody in your newsfeed, or somebody on your profile page, or somebody on your business page, and you’re creating videos, all of sudden, they’re going to be like, “Okay, that’s a problem I need to solve.”

People are reluctant to do it because they got to get dressed up. Guys really don’t care. I know women care.

Some struggle with what to say, with content. People are reluctant, but I’ll give you a formula here in a minute on how to structure that so you can create it. It’s formula that I’ve been using since I’ve been doing videos.

Video Marketing Resources

Periscope was launched May 2015. This is great because you can now go live. You can take your phone anywhere and go live. It was great for marketers and businesses. The problem with that was you got to rebuild your audience. If you had opened a periscope account.

With Facebook Live, the beauty of this is that you already have an audience. Since you have an audience in place already, then you can create videos for that audience that you have in place. You’re not rebuilding your audience. You have an audience right now. You can serve that audience with the video content marketing that you are going to create for them. Does that make sense?

Inside the below video you are going to learn video marketing tips to help you and your videos do the best job possible at generating network marketing leads.

Video on Network Marketing Lead Generation

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