Network Marketing Tips: 2 BIGGEST Mistakes You Can Make With MLM Recruiting

There are 2 common mistakes I seen done while MLM recruiting. You can avoid them with these network marketing tips I’m gonna share in today’s video blog.

Struggling With Your MLM Recruiting…. Here’s Why?

network-marketing-tipsWhen you are getting involved with network marketing, most people get so excited and run to their warm market with excitement because they have found a way to make a lot of money. The deal is when their warm market doesn’t share that same vision, it crushes them.  That rejection can take a toll on the beginner because this is coming from someone who is close to them.

The most posture way to avoid that feeling is not being addicted to the outcome. When you expose someone to your network marketing company, share the information with them but don’t care if they join or not. Here is a free bootcamp that will help.

The BIGGEST Mistakes Made By Network Marketers

There was a teammate of mine who I spoke with who shared the information with a few people in his warm market. He exposed them to the business opportunity and they didn’t show any interest. After those few exposures he came to his first failure and asked me what to do. Does this sound familiar? You show people your network marketing company and go back to your mlm recruiter whats next? These network marketing tips will help you:

The number one mistake network marketers make is that they don’t not talk to enough people. You have to understand that it is a numbers game. Reach out to as many people as possible and share with them what you have to offer. I’m not suggesting that you spam them, but with your warm market you share with them you have a something to show them, to see if they are open or not. Talking to a handful of people will not boost your mlm recruiting.

The number two mistake network marketers make is that they say too much. When they finally get that mlm lead, they say too much to them. They start talking about how much money we can make, then how great the product is, then go back to how great the comp plan is. People are observing you, so you go into presenting mode and tell them everything they think to themselves, “Is this what I have to do?”

Don’t spend too much with a prospect because if they see you have that much time then you are not so busy. Instead refer them to a third party resource. Let that resource do the presenting for you. You always do what is duplicatable.

Network marketing is not a sprint, it is a marathon. It requires a lot of hard work in order to obtain the best results. If you will keep on doing the mistakes in mlm recruiting you should expect that you will find difficulty in getting people to your business . The video below shares those network marketing tips and mistakes.

Network Marketing Tips On MLM Recruiting

Was the video helpful? Did you like those network marketing tips? I sure hope so. If you follow the suggestions in the video it will help you boost your MLM recruiting. Feel free to share with someone who may benefit from it. You can also learn how to generate leads for your own business, learn more here.

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