Network Marketing Tips on Daily Routines

Today you’ll learn my network marketing tips around having a daily routine.

IF you would like to know what to do each day to achieve network marketing success, this will help. (it’ll even help you understand why you aren’t consistent.)

Daily Routine for Success

If you are  building part time and only have 10 hours a week into your business, 75% of this should be spent on prospecting. Two to five people part time, five to 10 people full time. This could be online or offline. There is a guy who would put rocks or pennies in his pocket and he wanted to prospect 10 people. What he would do is pass those objects in his pockets from one pocket to the other until his pocket was empty. Maybe that will help you guys. But 75% of your time should be spent on mlm prospecting.

Sales training. You should do sales training 30 minutes or an hour. From that sales training, take notes. From those notes, turn them into one or two pieces of content. This can be a video, blog, article or a video blog. I would suggest video, but if you don’t want to video, it could be a podcast to do audio. This is if you’re not ready for videos yet.

Meditate. This could be first thing in the morning or after you exercise. But meditate five to 10 minutes. I use Headspace.

Exercise and read books. If you’re walking your dog for 30 minutes or go to the gym, put on your podcast and do two things at once. Some people like to feel it and read it pages, but read 10 pages a day. If you read 10 pages a day, that’s 3650 pages for the year, which is equivalent to 10 books more or less. If you read 10 books you are going to be ahead of the game.


That’s the daily routine. Was that helpful? IF you still need help being productive, feel free to grab this training on this topic here (only $9).

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