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Network Marketing Tips: Probability vs Possibility

Here at a mastermind seminar and thought I would share a couple network marketing tips for probability vs possibility.

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Network Marketing Tips for Probability vs Possibility

network marketing tipsWhat is the probability that you will be able to walk away from your job and still generate income from a job?

It’s probably not going to happen. What’s the probability from a small business to walk away and still generate income?

For example, a small business who has a restaurant?

It would take a little bit. There is a possibility, but the probability is small. You have to have the right investors, capital, systems in place, make sure you have the right employees. You’re doing a lot of work to make sure that probability becomes a possibility.

We can talk about in network marketing, what’s the probability of someone becoming the top earner in their company in network marketing?

It’s about three percent, 97% of the people are failing in network marketing. But there’s 3% who have top earner success.

The probability is still high, but my point is, it’s the same in every aspect of business. Going back to the job example. People are probably not ever gonna create freedom. When you generate income from your job, you can take money and put it in savings and bonds. But what’s the probability that you’re going to freedom from that?

Disclaimer, I’m NOT a financial planner, don’t take my advice. It’s very low.

With small businesses, there’s a possibility, but it’s really low.

Possibility in Network Marketing

What’s the possibility that you can make it in network marketing? We talked about three percent.There are people that on my team who use only products. I’m not trying to motivate them to be something that they’re not. They may be looking for that acceptance and approval.

If you look at the disclaimer things, and read it in any company. They say the same thing, 97% will make $100 a month or $500 a month. The possibility is that there are 3% that will make a million dollars or six figures in their company.

The possibilities you wanna share is the lifestyle. One is the lifestyle, which is the financial freedom. For example, people who have a job, and love their job.

Share about the freedom to do whatever it is that they want to do. Having a supplemental income instead of asking permission to take your kids on vacation or having parents get sick, asking for time off for that. Makes sense?

This mlm business creates more possibilities to live the lifestyle you want to live. This creates more time, which everybody is looking for. The money is great, but what you really want to sell people on is your time and getting your time back.

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