Network Marketing Tips: What To Do If You Hate Your Upline?

This should be some helpful network marketing tips here for you if you have ever struggled with your upline.

If you are not getting along this will help…

Network Marketing Tips for those with a Bad Upline

network-marketing-tipsIf you don’t like your upline, do not NOT produce. Don’t have it in your mind that since they recruited me, I don’t wanna produce because I don’t wanna make them any money. That is selfish and that is essentially is keeping you broke. If you are thinking more about your production helping them instead of production helping yourself, then that is a broke mentality. No matter which company that you go with that’s something in your mind that is stuck. Its more about producing for youself and your family than worrying about somebody else and not want to produce for them.

If you do not like your upline, I’m going to give you a few suggestions. If you really enjoy your company, reach out to your upline’s sponsor, or your upline’s upline sponsor. Reach out to a leader that you see is doing very well and look for their mentorship. If you reach out to someone in your upline for some mentorship, tell them that you are coachable, you’re just not seeing really eye to eye with this upline and look for that mentorship within that line that you’re in.

Second, you have to build a habit of excellence. Every person that is doing very well in their company, the ones that are walking on the stage, they have built a habit of excellence. Building a habit of excellence is something that does not happen overnight. I’ll give you an example, when New Year is around and everybody’s like, “Okay I’m gonna lose 50 pounds”, and then two days after working out they’re soring, they’re like, “Oh, I don’t want it no more.” That’s not a habit of excellence.

A habit of excellence is, if you go to gym 30 minutes each day and you work on that consistently over a certain period of time so you can actually build to what you want. In network marketing, if you are trying to replace an income, trying to take away some bills or whatever your goals are, you have to build that habit of excellence to work towards that instead of going into this business thinking that you’re going to get rich overnight because upline has told you a dream about we can get rich in three months. It didn’t happen for you in three months and you’re now mad at that upline.

You entered network marketing because you wanted to help youself and your family. If you are building that habit of excellence by changing your habits every single day, then depending on how fast you go, sooner or later you will start seeing results in your business and that would help you. There a quote that I was like, “Be so good that they can’t ignore you.

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