Network Marketing Training: Do You Want More?

Do you want more for yourself? Are you looking for more from your business and more importantly your life?

Watch this video as I share with you some free network marketing training from a different source.

Do You Know 50 Cents?

network-marketing-trainingI was watching a blog today, and the blog was a video was with 50 Cents. Most people should know who 50 Cents is, he’s an artist,rapper, entrepreneur. He was on the radio in LA with Big Boy, and on this radio interview, Big Boy asked him, “I’m not going to ask you your net worth, but what’s the biggest check that you ever received during your whole career? What’s the biggest check you ever received?” And 50 cents thought about it, thinking, “Hmm, now I received some big ones, but… “

He still was thinking, then responded “The biggest check was a deal that I got from Reebok $80 million dollars.” Big Boy was just standing there looking at him in awe, paused, and replied “And you’re still working?” 50 cent replied, “What did you say?” Big Boy repeated, “And you’re still working?” 50 cents answered “See, that’s why I don’t talk to my son’s mom like that anymore.” They were giggling, and laughing. The reason why he said that is because he was making that joke about his baby momma, and they were laughing is because she had thought that they “made it.” 50 added, “Even though I received that check for $80 million, that was one of the biggest checks I’ve ever received.”He changed his circles, and he said, “That was nothing!” There are people have accomplished more than that. He was at the bottom of those inner circles. 

If you actually want more out of your life, more out of your business, you have to change your circles. If you’re the top person, man or woman, of your inner circle, then you may want to start changing your circles and get around people who are looking for more, and who want more, because if you’re that top person and like “Hey, this, that … ” Whatever, with the alpha-dog mentality in that circle and you’re not really moving, then you’ve basically stopped your growth.

You’re in your comfort zone, you’re basically telling yourself that you refuse to grow. Now, nothing can be grown inside your comfort zone. 90% of people stay in their comfort zone because that’s what they know, they’re safe, but if you’re trying to grow, if you want to grow your business, if you want to grow your life, you’re going to have to step out into different groups.

Video: Network Marketing Training And Wanting More

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